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    The Walking Dead Season 2. Just last night. Polygon review was spot on. Pretty disappointed by it. I started BL 2 about a week ago. Might be the next I finish.

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    Name the Last Game you Beat

    Final Fantasy XIII-2, probably. Right around when it first came out.
    I don’t have the same free time I used to, or the patience to deal with 60+ hour long games. Especially when they "end" like FFXIII-2 did. That game probably singlehandedly made me not want to finish games anymore.
    If you consider "Gone Home" a game (it’s either a good 3D novel or a bad game), I finished that.

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    For mobile games, Angry Birds (the original one) on my iPhone. After that I was kinda burnt out on that game so I didn’t play any of the later versions of it.
    For console games, that would be GoldenEye on the good old N64 back in the day (Yeah… it’s been a while). "For England, James?" "No. For me." My little brother and I used to play it and kill each other in multiplayer mode all the time.

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    Murdered: Soul Suspect. Combat was not very good, and actually kind of shoehorned in (you barely fight in the game at all), and there was one super out of place stealth sequence, but the majority of the game, which is investigation, is pretty solid.

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    Technically, Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores or Kingdom Rush Origins, but I tend not to really consider mobile games "gaming" in the same sense as console and PC games.
    The last non-mobile game I beat was South Park: The Stick of Truth which was an absolutely excellent turn-based RPG and one of the best pieces of fan service I’ve ever seen/played for any media property.

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