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    The hardest game you've ever played?

    Which do you think it is the most difficult game you've ever played?
    Mine is Battletoads. Because that game cheats. All. The. Time.

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    Project IGI,
    the last level was impossible. Enemies respawned right in front of your eyes and there were too many, waaaaay too many!
    Good game tho.

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    The hardest game that was still fun enough to make me put hundreds of hours into beating it on all possible level paths was Kid Chameleon on the Genesis. I’d love to see a "2 1/2-D" remake.

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    Most difficult games:
    Prince of Persia Warrior Within on Hard when I was little .
    Devil May Cry 3 on harder difficulties than Hard.
    Sacrifice (2000 game).

    I haven’t played the Soul’s games so this is my opinion.

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    The most difficult video game I have encountered has to be "The Evil Within". I have beat "The Last of Us" on Normal and soon to try to jump straight to the "Grounded" mode. I heard it was extremely difficult and gives a sense of a purpose for the survival mmo.*

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    I’ve played the game through twice on Grounded. Normal then new game+. Here are some tips:
    • Rarely if ever use your gun. Most encounters you can get through via stealth, and/or melee.
    • If you end up using a bunch of bullets, and you feel you could do that last battle better, restart the encounter and try it again.
    • The bow is your best weapon. Become proficient at it.
    • NEVER craft health kits. Always craft molotovs instead. Your AI companion will give you a health pack if you need it. But really most things are one hit kills on Grounded difficulty.
    • Never use shivs on enemies. Save them all for the shiv doors. The extra ammo and craft items are more valuable than killing a Clicker with a shiv.

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