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    A grown man playing video games is still seen as a lazy loser

    Well, it seems the stereotype still persists in culture.
    Has anyone seen Gone Girl yet? There's a scene where the wife comes home to find her husband (Ben Affleck) on the couch playing video games, and proceeds to nag on him.
    Has there ever been a depiction of an adult playing video games in film or television that was portrayed as positive or even just neutral?

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    It’s funny, in these scenes, I’ve never seen the guy playing video games as the problem, but rather the wife being patronizing and nagging.
    In Gone Girl, the wife expressed that she didn’t want to become that kind of wife, yet she did. I saw it as more of a critique of the power imbalance in the typical couple rather than the lousiness of video games.
    "Her" has a pretty positive/neutral videogame scene

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    Maybe that’s the secret to making it in Washington DC: video games.
    It’s not hard to imagine Dick Chaney playing hardcore-mode COD and just friendly fire killing his teammates the whole time.

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    If Spacey can play video games to unwind at the end of the day and still find time to screw legions of people over to maneuver his way into The White House then that represents a huge change in media portrayal of adult gamers. Sooner or later those of us who grew up with Ataris and Super NES’s are going to be in these kinds of positions of power. Obama admitted he inhaled and soon a President will admit he played (and still plays) Super Mario.
    And don;t forget Robin Williams was a huge Zelda fan till he died. Not exactly a lazy loser.

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    There doesn’t have to be a "positive response" it should just be accepted as a normal thing people do. Rarely anymore do you see movies and shows where someone sees another person reading a book and laugh at him/call him "poindexter". And if they do it’s usually seen as a negative trait towards the "dumb jock" instead of the person reading.

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