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    Best-designed game controllers?

    While talking about "Best Designed Phones" it came to me that we should do a similar post for controllers.
    Which controller do you believe is the best designed controller?
    Anything could be a criteria, from ergonomics, build quality/materials, functionality, added features and looks.
    You could add guns, steering wheels, etc. Hell, you could even add keyboards and mice if you feel like it. It doesn't have to be a game pad.
    The Wii Classic Controller is my personal favorite.
    What's yours?

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    Beat the crap out of the PSX pad in the day and was ace for 2d fighters.
    Analogue? XBOX Controller S
    A more comfortable take on "the Duke"
    Nintendo Wavebird a close second.

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    Its obviously the 360 the controller, now the xb1 controller would be the best but I still dislike the route they took with the super stiff bumper buttons. The top of the bumper can not register input, if that was loosened up than id easily give it to the xb1 controller.

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    really like the Nintendo GameCube controllers. Fits well in the hand, controls are easy to find without looking. Good response, digital and analog. Beefy, durable controls.The Xbox 360 controller has a garbage d-pad and terrible reliability (X/Y-button sticking, analog sticks drifting); it also has asymmetrical sticks, which may or may not be a drawback. The DS4 is pretty good, but its analog sticks also fall apart quickly and it still uses the moronic button PS-style button labeling. The X1 controller is pretty good, but also has asymmetrical sticks (again, depending on the game, can be a positive or negative).Have you tried the Wii U Pro controller?
    And if you’re playing games that don’t use analog controls, there are several better controllers (many acade sticks, SNES pad, Saturn pad) than any of the above.

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    The Gamecube controller was great, especially for its time. The way the triggers worked was pretty innovative (you could hold them down and then give an extra click down for another action) but not many games that I can recall used that functionality. I think it was one of the Splinter Cell games that allowed you to hold the trigger down to hold your breath when sniping and then click to shoot.
    I also like the symmetric thumbstick setup of the Dual Shocks and the DS4 is the best iteration yet in my opinion.
    Honourable mention for the Wii Remote Plus when it actually works (for me at least) like in Skyward Sword.

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