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    Why I'm leaving PC gaming in favor of console gaming.

    First it was purely the MMO games that did this, they're addictive games meant to make you spend as much money as possible.
    No problem for me since I never play them, but now it's seeping into other games like regular RPG and FPS.
    I hear you "but console games have DLC too", I know, but at least most games do not and I think the reasons is because it's harder to ask people for their credit card number on a console.
    So, this is my reason.

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    Yes I could, I just think I have a better library of opportunity within console games when I want a non-scam game.
    It keeps getting worse in PC gaming. The main reason I think is because it’s incredibly easy to ask someone for money on a PC, many already have used their credit card and many have a paypal account, etc.

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    On PC RPG mostly, like Drakensang, Skyrim, some FPS.
    It is part exclusive too yes, PS3 has some RPG I want, I used to play a lot of single player RPG on PC but so many are becoming MMO (with payment model I don’t like). I mean I have my PC I can still switch and play on both, it’s just my fear that many games will go to this payment model where you have to pay every month or pay for bonuses etc.

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    But Skyrim is cheaper on PC. Only slightly, but it is. And we have the same DLC as the 360. PS3 probably isn’t getting Dawnguard at all.
    I don’t understand your argument. Which PC games are more expensive than their console counter-parts?

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    Also, you have to pay a shit ton for accessories if you’re competitive gamer.
    Monitor: 150 bucks+
    Astro Mixamp: 120 bucks
    Steelseries v2 headset: 80 bucks
    Good controller/Scuff controller: 90 bucks
    Squidgrip (must have for controller): 15 bucks
    FPS Freeks (must have for controller/great precision aiming): 15 bucks
    or if you want kb/m on 360 (XIM 4 which is like $150) [frowned upon]

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    Yep, whenever the cost of buying a console being cheaper than buying/building your own PC is used as an argument as to why console gaming is better I always point them to the fact that if you’re going to be playing lots of games then PC gaming is far, far cheaper in the long run and you’ll end up spending more on consoles due to the higher cost of games plus you get the benefit of your PC being able to just be used for non gaming or media use so you get more use out of it.

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    People always say this, but I feel like you spend more money on PC games because there is not much of a return. Sure you can get a game for $30 or $40 on sale and hell even old games for $10 and under, but you are stuck with them. That adds up. It adds up fast. You could spend $60 on a game on console and if you don’t like it or are simply done with it, you can flip it to make back at least half of what you paid.
    Everyone tends to forget that PC gaming is pretty much and all sales final platform. While true you have more games but in reality how often are you going to play these games? I have looked at some peoples Steam library and they have games will into the hundreds with only maybe 2-3 hours of game time in them. No matter what you spent on it, you spent money on something you are not using. Most would considered that a waste of money.

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