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    Crisis on Infinite Polygons

    Time for a very special edition of Crisis on Infinite Polygons! And not just because I'm strapped for time! It's the 20th Anniversary of Cartoon Network! That's right, it's almost old enough to get drunk and pass out in front of the TV! Well, we know it does that already *cough*[adult swim]*cough*, but still!

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    There never was a Waldo cartoon on the network was there?
    So, what are your guys most fond Cartoon Network? I'll keep it brief (Not at all because I have work to do), but mine are as follows:

    *1)*Rushing home from school to watch Toonami. My introduction to anime with shows like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and tons more over the years. You guys have no idea how overjoyed I was when the block came back this year.

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    I was in tears when I saw him on my TV screen on April 1, 2012. You're a US 90's kid, you'd understand.
    *2)*Staying up late and catching the last show before [adult swim] with my bro. As much as I loved [as], well, I had school and couldn't stay up for it most nights, but we would catch what aired before it every night. Some nights were great, Samurai Jack, uncut Dragon Ball Z, and Courage the Cowardly Dog were highlights.
    *3)*Just leaving it on all day in the summer and my early childhood. I watched SO MUCH Tom and Jerry.
    *4)*[adult swim] during the summer. Reacquainting me with Futurama and introducing me to so many now favorites, hell, even the crap entertained me back in the day. Also, special thanks for The Venture Bros. guys, it's like my favorite show.

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    The shows of today! Hey, even today, Cartoon Network is putting out great stuff. Monday has Regular Show and Adventure Time which are part of a new generation of amazing cartoons, Saturday has a terrific action line-up featuring some shows that will surely go down as all time favorites of mine like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Young Justice: Invasion, and while [adult swim] has seen better days, they brought back Toonami!

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