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    First and foremost, I'm not a fan of FPS and games like that. I've got no interest in Halo, Battlefield, God of war etc. And so searching games for me can be difficult, especially games for PC. I certainly enjoy platformers but these are usually not available on PC and are mostly on consoles (especially the Wii).
    Oh, and Rayman Origins is a game I've enjoyed A LOT , so yeah games like that!

    So, I'd thought ask for your suggestions. And yes, this IS my 1st post so you'd better help me !

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    Non-shooter Games Suggestions For PC?

    Well first off the Portal games are a different take on first person game play, as your not really shooting anyone. The Civilization franchise is a lot of fun and pretty accessible. LIMBO, Braid, and Trine are three really great platforming games. Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic game and something you certainly cant play on consoles.

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    Why? Is it the perspective or shooting things? You know god of war isnt an FPS I guess. It has platforming and puzzles besides mass murder.Check these out:
    Amnesia is good but not sure if its something you would want.
    Super Crate Box

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    Please find it in your heart to buy Dishonored sometime this fall. I can't afford much this year, so I've asked my girlfriend to buy it for me for Christmas. This game is more important to the industry than most people realize. Just imagine if something new and innovative sells millions of copies. That's EXACTLY the message we need to send to the big publishers. Let's not make Bethesda regret this leap of faith.

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    Hahah..I’d say it’s mainly because of shooting things.
    I’ve played Sonic Generations (Pretty Awesome!) and am meaning to give LIMBO a chance since quite some time. I’ll check out your other suggestions as well!
    Mario and Donkey Kong games seem cool too, but sadly Nintendo don’t have them on PC :/ .
    I’ve found and played many “my-kind” games on PS2, like the Madagascar game series, the Ratatouille game, Happy feet aswell as the Over the Hedge game. I hope that’d give you an idea of the kind of games I’m looking for on the PC.

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