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    Pandaland: Visit or boycott?

    Serious question here: I picked up WoW back in Vanilla, mid '05 IIRC. Spent the next few years slogging my way around Azeroth finding all sorts of junk and an ocasional rare gem, but for the most part, it was a way of escaping the real world for a while to kill the puny humans.
    BC came out, and all was good. Maybe a little better, even. New areas, new loots, new baddies. Life was good.

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    WotLK arrived, and the decline started. The game got easy. Too easy. It used to be the people who spent the time learning the raids, or how to master pvp, were rewarded with the shiny purples. LK changed that. Now, instead of learning tactics, all you had to do was wait a little longer, to collect tokens from dungeons, or for the raids to go easy-mode, and next thing you know, everyone has the shinys. When pugs started to be able to kill the LK in a couple of hours, I left. The challenge was gone. It now seemed like a job. Do your dailies, farm your mats, rinse, repeat.

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    Cataclysm came out and after a few weeks, I caved and picked it up. Well, the game had become even easier. Sure, they gave a few new mechanics for gameplay, but it was just more of the same, only easier. So, I left again.
    At some point, I signed up for the MoP beta. I was in one of the first waves to get an invite, so I went to see. I spent about 30 minutes before giving up. The game had totally changed. it was even easier, and the talent system was not even worth having anymore. So, I logged out and trashed the beta client.

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    Now, I've been WoW free for quite a while. But I had a lot of time invested, a lot of fun was had, and countless hours were spent immersed in the time sink of Azeroth. But with the release of MoP, my hotkey fingers are twitchy again.
    But I'm leery. I was not impressed by the MoP beta at all. I'm wondering if it's worth my time to give it another try, or should I just wash my hands of the whole affair and be done with it? Part of me wishes I could go back to the BC days, when becoming the Ogre King was cool.
    Anyone who has played MoP, I would like your opinion of the expansion, to see if I should visit Pandaland, or boycott it entirely. Also, just for a frame of reference, let me know what WoW was your first, Vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cata or MoP.

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