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    Polynauts Central (8/10 Archived)

    It's Monday, October 8th and once again it's time to see whose Polymon faints first in battle, here at Polygon on The Verge.
    It's the start of a long week folks so remember it's always thumbs up on Mondays!

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    Hundreds is an evolved remake of an already released Flash puzzle game that goes by the same name. The Flash version, created by Greg Wohlwend, is much simpler — as players progress, the game tosses more and more bubbles onscreen at once. The iOS version, coming to iPad and iPhone, builds impressively on that simple foundation.
    According to developer Semi Secret Software, whose past games include Canabalt, Wurdle, and Aquaria, the iOS version of Hundreds will add "something akin to a narrative layer." The IndieCade demo occasionally presented screens with text like "A mouse has one snout but a human has ten" and at least one with gibberish, with letters that twitched and swapped.

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    The halftime show at this week's Nebraska / Ohio State football game featured the marching band, as usual, but its performance was likely quite special to any video gamers in the crowd. The band's 10-minute performance featured a wide variety of classic gaming songs (complete with sound effects), including selections from Pokemon, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, and more. While the band's brassy versions of these nostalgic themes were spot-on, the accompanying choreography was incredibly complex and quite mesmerizing.

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    Kixeye CEO Will Harbin responded to the racism accusations against the company and subsequent firings made during an interview with Venturebeat, calling the responsible team "a micro-culture" within Kixeye that "didn't meet the [company's] standards."
    Controversy sparked on Tuesday, when a former contractor made a post via Tumblr detailing several accusations of racism and discrimination. In wake of the post, Harbin opened an investigation and fired several employees involved.

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