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    I have come to save PC gaming

    PC Gaming is in need of saving?
    Yes & no. For a brief period of time, PC gaming was facing extinction caused mainly by the lack of reliable distribution of games thus leading to less games being published. When Steam finally managed to take root and become the defacto PC game seller the situation was remedied.
    The new generation of consoles released being x86 in nature will probably boost PC gaming higher then ever before. We're already seeing exclusives launch for Console X and PC. I'm guessing exclusive will mean "exclusive for CONSOLE" from now on and will have a PC release no matter what. This might take some time but it is the direction the gaming scene is going in my opinion.

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    How does this effect me, I'm still not sure?

    It is only a matter of time before STEAM gets more and more competition. A true contender is surely on the horizon?
    What I'm getting at is that we are in for a rollercoaster ride with exclusive titles being released left and right for STEAM and it's future contenders. This will leave us with no choice other then installing a bunch of game libraries.

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    All that is needed for this to become our reality in the next decade or so is just two digital distributors to start it. If this is EA and Amazon (for example) it will be a reality much much sooner.
    If not, and it is only two startups that are getting on their feet - even that will get the ball rolling - but it will take much longer and probably be modified so that the store holders have much more control.
    Either way, this is my idea on how we can be saved from being locked in to stores, and I do believe that everyone (the customer, the publisher and store owner - par Steam) has the incentive to see this through.

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    This (presumably) little file will enable you to switch game providers and move all your belongings with you if you wish to. Before I explain more details on how this could work and how it could be prevented from exploiting games - I'm going to tell you why it is needed and what the incentive for the publishers would be.

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    No, you do. Maybe today ORIGIN and STEAM aren't a hassle to maintain but you are forgetting that even as we speak the Windows and OSX app stores are already contenders. They will only get stronger in time. As more games are published and as more people start to buy them digitally a lot more stores will open.
    What will you do then? Install 30 store programs that all launch on startup and start updating themselves. Leave them be and eat resources while you game?
    Or manage them individually exiting one and switching to the other?

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    I’m assuming;

    • More PC titles (based on the fact of consoles being x86 and pc distribution being a lot better this time
    • Hence more online stores

    So, though steam has the lions share, a lot of competition will arise. Just look at origin, don’t think EA will sell on steam again – but they will want to be competitive with them. So something like this might be a good solution, implemented for the sole purpose of pressuring steam to implement it and have a shot at all the customers.

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