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    Dat Xbox One bias

    You can really tell 99% of The Verge staff really want the Xbox One to be the "winner" and begrudgingly admit that the PS4 is better. They always harp on Microsoft focusing on tv and content and claim Sony isn't. But sony claiming they will put content on the PS4 (Which they have) is no weaker than Microsoft claiming they will have content on the Xbox One.

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    But seriously, the only biased one is you. I don’t really care about the console wars and the only thing that could be “Biased” about the verge’s reporting is that there aren’t 500 articles about OMG XBOX SUXXX like every other gaming “journalists” are writing. But there is some pretty heavy criticism from the staff. It’s obviously you think that just because they don’t hate it as much as you do, they are biased towards it.

    Posted onJun 17, 2013 | 11:19 AM

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    Oh no… there is one site that isn’t being retarded about all this. All the other gaming sites are being total idiots and ignoring all the facts.
    OMG Xbox can’t allow used games – MS said they will enable publishers to work with retailers
    OMG Xbox games can’t be shared with anyone – 10 person digital family sharing smokes the PS4
    OMG Xbox games can’t be resold – MS has confirmed you can permanently transfer a DIGITAL licence (mind blowing even over steam’s current ability)

    And finally, my personal favourite. Lets all get on the INTERNET and complain about how a modern device in 2013 needs to connect to the INTERNET to enable all its FEATURES. Note how I bold features because most people pretend there are no features following from the online DRM (see list above).
    Also, Sony’s system will end up much worse. See my thread here for that discussion:

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    That does not require the family plan. All you need is ONE gold membership per console and every person who plays on that xbox gets to enjoy all the features of xbox live. One of the two restrictions on sharing is that only one of your friends, of the 10 you share with, can play the exact same game as you at the same time. As in you two are playing the game you just bought, even if that friends lives across the country. The other restriction is completely up to the developers, which is charging one time fees to your friends. Kinda like paying royalties, which makes since to me. Are you really gonna complain if your friend buys a new game at $60 and you only have to pay developers only $5-$20 to be able to play your friends game as if its pretty much your own. Thats hoping devs dont charge full MSRP to do so, which they most likely wont because then the whole process would be contradicting itself. Don’t believe me? Read this….

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    They never really cleared it up. Why is it called the family share plan if it isn’t limited to your actual family or the existing family share plan? We had a few different stories come from different people.
    (warning, pet theory incoming)
    I think MS panicked near the end of E3 and started talking about the family share plan before they had all the details worked out, which led to a lot of confusion and theories about how it could work. I also don’t think it’s any coincidence that MS cancelled all of their DRM plans just as fans were starting to get excited about family sharing. The publishers started freaking out that MS was giving up too much control, and MS had no choice but to give up on DRM.

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