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    Best Game for a light gamer.

    I play games. Casually. Mostly mutliplayer, almost never single player. They don't keep my interest long enough for me to keep playing. I'm not terrible at them, but I'm by no means good.

    I've only ever beat one game, (Portal), and the only reason I beat that was because I had a friend walk me through the last parts of the game, otherwise I may not have ever beat it. I'm still working through Portal 2, and that may be my first game I beat.

    I'm not looking for something that's child-like easy, I want something with average difficutly, but I need something that will keep my interest. So, any suggestions?

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    Here's a small list of games I've started, but never finished - if that helps.

    1.)Batman Arkham City
    2.)Sleeping Dogs
    3.)GTA 4
    4.)Saints Row the Third
    5.)Half Life 2
    6.)Fable (The orgininal)

    Now, I've played many more games then this, however, these are the more recent ones that I've attempted, but they lost my interest, usually pretty quick into the game. Maybe I'm not a gamer at heart, and that's why I can't finish, but I'd sure like to try.

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    You don’t mention which system, I’m going to guess PS3/360 and PC/mobile. Anyway, I’m going to assume you want something that’s well acclaimed but requires limited gaming ability and doesn’t require a huge time/effort investment but has some sort of ‘progression. Sort of ’semi-casual’. How about…
    World of Goo
    Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine (can get tricky I think but it’s dead easy to play)
    The Walking Dead (essentially a ‘choose your own adventure’ game)
    Any of the Lego Games
    Puzzle Quest (could be lengthy but basically a match 3 game)
    Trials Evolution (again gets tough but easy to pick up)

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    You have a PC, you like multiplayer, and you tend to lose interest in games?
    Try League of Legends (or DOTA 2, if that’s more you style; personally, I dislike the appearance of DOTA, but it’s up to you) or any other MOBA-style game (I’ve heard good things about Smite as well). They’re all free-to-play, each game round only lasts 30-45 minutes, and their both easy to learn and difficult to master, making them super addicting.
    I’m kind’ve in the same boat as you; it takes a lot for games to really keep my attention, but League of Legends does it well, mostly because each game round is different than the last.

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    As someone who grew up with Zelda and still consider it my favorite franchise, I really don’t understand the “Darksiders is just like Zelda” point of view. Its really nothing like Zelda games. In fact, I was so hyped because of all the comparisons that it played like Zelda that I never finished the game. Not because it was a bad game, but because everyone kept calling it a Zelda clone and was nowhere near that and I was disappointed. A real Zelda clone would be Okami IMO.

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    Last of Us is really cinematic and has a compelling story so far (haven’t finished it yet). I recently finished Bioshock Infinite* – the atmosphere reminded me a little of Boardwalk Empire and the game design is amazing – and of course the story is critically acclaimed, it should definitely hold your interest. Journey is really really good, and so is Ni No Kuni – which you can grab today for pretty cheap .

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