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    Tell The Verge: what do you think Gamergate is about?

    Hi, you may have just read my brief, highly subjective chronology of Gamergate on the Verge FP. Now I want to know what you think Gamergate is about -- whether you have a strong opinion, a muddled understanding, or a complete lack of knowledge.
    This emphatically is not a thread for debating Gamergate. You can do that anywhere else on the internet. This is my attempt to figure out how much people have followed the event, what they think the important elements of it are, and why they think it started in the first place.

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    You don't have to agree with the goals/events you're posting, or even think they're noteworthy problems. It's fine if you're not sure you know all that much about Gamergate. I'm really looking for relative outsiders or casual followers talking about what they think is going on, not just manifestos from people who are in the middle of things.

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    • When was the first time you heard about Gamergate? What event(s) do you think started it?
    • What, as you understand it, are the goals of Gamergate?
    • Given that a lot of the focus has been on journalistic and game development ethics, are you aware of specific examples of (alleged) misconduct that Gamergate is fighting? (I'm talking really specific, like "Andrew Webster covers Minecraft, but he's secretly Notch from an alternate dimension." Not "The Verge and Mojang are in bed with each other.")
    • What are the important moments in Gamergate? (Again, specific -- like, "Leigh Alexander wrote her 'end of gamers' piece" or "Anita Sarkeesian filed a police report because of threats" or "Intel stopped advertising on Gamasutra.")

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    Tone-wise, I'm trying to keep this from devolving into a firefight. Trolling, insults, and sweeping statements are not cool here. Mods will be watching. Source links for various articles/events are helpful, but 30-minute YouTube rants are not sources. Maybe most importantly, this isn't the place to post long dissections or rebuttals of people's statements, no matter how wrong you think they are. Think of this as a survey, not an opportunity to come out on top of something.
    In short, just the facts, as you see them.

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