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    The Divison! Oh The Division!

    Just wanted to talk about what a great experience this game has been for me.
    I bought into it fully prepared to be underwhelmed and man did it blow my mind away. I cannot explain how much fun it has been from the get go and how well polished it is.
    My few caveats are the sheer stupidity of having to log in single file to laptops and stuff in the beginning (took me well over 454 mins to finally get that thing done) but other than that its been pretty great.

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    I had started to ween off of console gaming for a while but since all my friends got the game for their PS4s I decided to give it a try as well. Can I say that hunting for players in Dead Zone at night with rouge markers up in the 600 seconds is an amazing experience and thrill. Having to coordinate with teammates by tackling on swathes of incoming players as well as AIs in the higher levels is an amazing rush. To be quite frank, its the game that I fully expected Destiny to be but which was never lived up to. I consistently see myself aching to play it and after about 20 hours, I am neither bored nor am I tired of continuously aiming to upgrade my wings. It has such as good mix of available things to do so that players are neither bored. Well, those are my two cents, just wanted to share my thoughts on the good experiences I have been having so far. What about you guys?

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    Personally I am a bit underwhelmed by the game.
    All of the previews up until the first beta gave it the appearance of being a huge fully explorable world with depth and random encounters to be found.
    For example: Echos were supposed to reveal potential missions. So far I have had 2 missions where you actually have to use Echos to solve them. The rest of the Echos around the game are just collectibles.
    There was supposed to be a mobile app that allowed people to interact with their friends VIA a drone in game. Players could control the drone and use it to help their friends who were actually in game. Where is this app?
    All of the game missions are revealed to you when you go into a safe house. What happened to walking into a random police station and finding it full of enemies and loot? Most buildings in the game have random bags with food and nothing notable in terms of loot. On top of that, 90% of buildings cannot even be entered.
    The combat itself is as good as I could have expected, and the graphics are stunning. The game just feels as though its lacking a lot of content. Within the first day of playing I had already got the campaign 50% complete.
    Its a good game, don’t get me wrong, but I feel as though its not going to last us very long

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    Thanks for that. I have been very curious about the app that they demoed at E3 2013. The new console generation was supposed to bring a world of second screen interaction that I was really looking forward to. Bums me out that it hasn’t happened.
    I have been thinking about getting the Division, because I love Destiny, but I think I will wait a while longer.

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    Abem Chanu NingombamGror
    Believe I read somewhere that they axed the drone app because they felt it unbalanced the game against those who didn’t have a friend to operate the drone. I just hope they release an app to handle inventory and skill management like Destiny’s app. The in-game interface is OK but I would really like a full API so someone could write an app that would let me hit a button and instantly swap from my full tank build to a full DPS or medic/support build on the fly without sitting in menus for five minutes.

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    I played the alpha and beta and I’m pleasantly surprised how it actually turned out. Ubisoft made some good adjustments. I find the missions challenging and fun (especially when played in a group) and the random encounters happen just as often I’ve found as random encounters from two other favorites: The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.

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    The crafting could be improved. At the moment at level 15 I just don’t find any need to craft my own weapons and gear when I find plenty out in the world.
    When with the graphics "downgrade" compared to the E3 demo, I find the detail of the game and its surrounding environment to be very impressive.

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