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    Hey guys, I have a question because I have been considering building a pc for gaming but not sure. Right now I have a ps4 and a 2013 21.5 imac. I specked out the imac with the best processor and gpu I could get at the time. So i have a 3.1ghz intel core i7 and a Geforce GT 750m. My brother has a youtube channel so he constantly hogs the ps4. I was thinking of building a gaming machine so I could play some games here or there or just game on my imac. I have played bioshock infinite, gone home, half-life, and borderlands 2 on my mac. They all ran flawlessly. I also noticed a lot of new games on steam are coming out with mac support. So here is the question. Should I stick to playing some games on my mac and the ps4 when I get it, or build a pc for gaming and use my mac for everyday use?

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    Most of the best PC games in my opinion aren’t AAA titles and thus don’t need the latest GPU, so you could really play almost the entire catalogue of Actual Good Games on Steam if you install Windows on your iMac with Boot Camp. If you realize later that your iMac isn’t powerful enough anymore, you can still build a gaming PC later.

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    Gaming PC consoles or both?

    You’ll have to source windows yourself. Bootcamp just creates the partition that windows will be installed on, as well as provides the drivers necessary for it to work with Mac Peripherals such as the USBSuperDrive.

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    If you buy it retail, yes. Otherwise, you just download an ISO. All you need is a license key. Bootcamp actually creates the boot disk for you. Just need a spare USB drive and an ISO of windows which you can get direct from Microsoft.

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