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    Urgent: Ps vita 2000 vs new nintendo 3ds 2014

    hello guys, I have several doubts about these devices that I hope you can solve:
    (sorry for my very BAD english)
    for the holiday season I put my eyes on PS Vita 2000, and the New Nintendo 3DS (I think if I decide to go for 3DS I am going to buy it online from some Australian shop as soon as it will be released),I don't have enough money for both sooooo here are my questions and doubts, hoping that you can clarify my ideas:
    PS VITA 2000:
    - I do not own a ps3 or a ps4 because I am always on the go, does this limits my gaming experience?

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    - I'm a huge fan of PsOne's game, my favorites are the series of Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Spyro and Dino Crisis, can I download them directly from the store on the ps vita? or is there a way to download them and transfer them from my Mac to the Vita? if yes, how?
    - how the monthly subscription on PSN works? and how much cost to subscribe to PSN? can I do it directly from the Ps Vita or from my Mac?
    - what limitations does the PSN subscription has if you do not own a ps3 or a ps4?

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    As a Vita/PS4 owner, don’t get the Vita unless you have a PS4 or can see enough games to justify your purchase now.
    As far as your questions go:

    • Check the Playstation Store for games that you want to see.
    • Games can be downloaded directly on the Vita, and I assume there is a way to do it on Mac (Sony supports this on Windows although you will need clunky software).
    • So, PSN is free, PS+ is not. PS+ is $18 for 3 months, $50 for a year. You can buy subscriptions in a physical card, or on the Vita, or on your Mac.
    • There aren’t many limitations. You can still play online, and you still get lots of discounts and a couple free games each month. You also get the current roster of games in the Instant Game Collection.
    • The Playstation TV is not necessary.

    Honestly, I like my Vita, but it is something I use for a couple games and interacting with my PS4. If you don’t have a PS4 and cannot identify a few games that you really want to play on the Vita, I would’t buy one.

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    Second I've just watched Nintendo's presentation that took place a few minutes ago and I was not very impressed by the game presented for Nintendo 3DS for 2015, leaving out the prices for Vita's micro SD that are absurd, what do you suggest?
    I haven't following that much these two devices, so do you have a large list of really interesting games for both consoles?
    Looking forward for your suggestions!!! I am going craaaazzzyyyy

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    As a Vita owner without a PS4, I love the thing. Granted I got it used at a great price, but the indie titles alone would make it worth the full price for me. Minecraft, Terraria, Rogue Legacy, Luftwasser, etc. It’s just a great little arcade machine. Along with the fact that it has decent AAA titles like Need for Speed and Borderlands 2.
    That being said, I would LOVE to play a Pokemon game again, and will buy a 3DS at some point in the future just for that.

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