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    People like to generalize and draw conclusions based on their perception of a very small and visible group.
    This, to me, reminds me of when people were saying that Muslims were violent, that their religion was inherently pro-violence, etc. based on the actions of a tiny fraction (terrorists) of the general population. Standing up for Muslims was like standing up for terror, saying "it’s just a book, it cannot make you violent" was like trying to convince the "video games cause violence and rape." It’s always something, religion, rock n roll, video games. People like pointing the finger and blaming others, especially groups.
    People are still uneasy about discussing Islam and Muslims. It’s just some folks. Some are violent, some are not, some are lazy, fat, smart, ironic… They can’t all be violent.

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    Twitch Starter Kit?

    I have some Muslim friends. My brother-in-law is a Muslim (married my lil’ sis) If he beats her tonight, is it because he’s a Muslim? Or is it because he’s a gamer who’s been exposed to these images (lol) or is it because he’s a male misogynistic douche?
    Anyone you ask will spin the story to whatever fits their narrative and that’s the worst thing. People have already made up their minds, they’re just looking for facts to support their theory.

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    Meanwhile the only games they ever play are casual games. Occasionally mention retro games for the cred. Come to think of it, the only music they’re into is really superficial as well. A small handful of mainstream hiphop/r&b artists. A dab of mainstream EDM. Then some weird "future of music" crap that nobody is buying. Textbook hipster. Coopting subculture to create their own cheap version of it that has lost all meaning.

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    All lies, the guy reported on the games BEFORE they even met and hasn’t reported on her work since they were dating. And it was not plural.
    Somebody just made this into something it’s not and every lame ass dude took it as a fact.
    Sort of the point of the entire thing was people accepting false lies as the truth because it suited their ideals and thoughts.
    Like you just did!

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    Nope, somebody found a photo of them sitting on a bed together that was posted online BEFORE he reported on her work. It doesnt prove they were already sleeping together at that point, but it does prove that they had already met and knew each other.

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