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    Destiny, PS4 or Xbox One?

    I'm one of those fools who happens to own both of the consoles and who hasn't preordered Destiny yet. I'm undecided as to which console I'm going to get it for and would like some advice.

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    I think the PS4 is marginally more powerful than the Xbox One, not sure if it will really make a difference in a huge AAA title. I hear rumors about 1080p vs. 720p and the like. Microsoft has much better server infrastructure, however. Since the game is an MMO, that could be a large draw point.

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    Get it for whatever console the majority of your friends are getting it on.
    If that still can’t make the decision, get it for the PS4, as Sony has a lot of content exclusivity deals for the game, so if you do end up wanting more content, you will be able to get more of it than you would on the One.

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    More than likely. While it was great launching right back into the Caribbean in AC4 from a One in the “instant-on” state, even after several days of not turning it on, a game like Titanfall which required an online connection would also have me out before the “Press Start” screen even if I left it for 15 minutes. So for Destiny, I would expect to come back to a “disconnected, please reconnect screen” all the way back at the main start screen unless they anticipated that and built a specific process for it.

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    Xbox One, the system is being updated from time to time and making the console better and better. but really depends on how many of your friends will play the game on. It should always be about gameplay not what it should look like, beside, how long will it be before the PS4 be hacked again and be down for days, maybe weeks. Sure, they have all the exclusives, but what good will it be if you cant log in and play them, just saying.

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    I’ve got both also and got it for XBox One. Primary reason is the controller. I like FPS games on the XB1 controller better than DualShock.
    Also, while I was initially PO’ed that Microsoft had the gall to charge $25 for a rechargeable battery, I’ve been overjoyed at how long batteries last before needing to be replaced. My DualShock needs to be charged nearly every other day. My XB1 controller can go a whole week or more.

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