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    If so, how are you finding it?
    It's a bit of a weird game for me to be honest.
    It's repetitive, enemies are boring, tactics are like a basic cover shooter, going on missions with randomers (which is more fun than soloing) is a really unintuitive process to put it nicely, and the bosses really, really suck. But somehow, I'm hooked. Really enjoying it despite all of the above and having a blast. I'll chalk it down to an extreme case of cognitive dissonance.

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    Anyone playing Destiny? Impressions thread.

    You definitely tend to find yourself in the same areas, sometimes the same place you had just been on a different mission, but they do change the area some. Yesterday when playing, my fireteam and I were laughing because we had just spent a while getting to a place only to realize we had done the exact same route the mission before. In the end though, our mission and journey took is down a different path. I don’t mind this really, because there is so much out there going on, you are going to hit the same areas, but the missions are interesting and fun enough that I am not bothered by any overlap, so far, at least.

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    I should note, I’ve on the third planet, which has coloured my impressions.
    Re: the bosses, it’s probably due to the games trappings as an MMO but the bosses, especially in strike are just massive bullet sponges. Shoot and take cover for 15 minutes for a boss is something I’m not used to – even a little variation such as different boss forms or more varied attacks would be a plus.
    Additionally, I’m a massive fan of the Patrol missions as a more flexible alternative to the dedicated gaming sessions that come with the strike and story missions.

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    I definitely see what you mean, I am at lvl 14 and have Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars and the Reef. I was battling a boss last night and man we (my fireteam and I) were shooting that sucker for a good 20 minutes. I think if he was the only character on the map we were fighting it would have gotten boring, but they threw a lot of stuff at us on top of the boss. We had to deal with stealth vandals coming out randomly, and when you are focused on head-shotting a boss as much as you can, those suckers come out of no where. There were also tons of shanks, which in their numbers were tough to deal with at times, but were necessary because they brought us all the ammo we needed when destroyed. The Servitors and captains came often too and those made for a tough group of guys to balance.

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