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    It's hilarious...Phil Spencer still doesn't get it.

    Just watched Sony's Gamescom 2014 conference pretty much DESTROY Microsoft's efforts.
    Just like at E3 (though amplified to greater levels) Sony showed wave after wave of diverse experiences, new IPs, gameplay innovations and pretty much kept flipping the dial.
    Microsoft? Still playing it safe, clinging to the staples of COD, FIFA and several other multiplatform games.
    The messaging couldn't have been clearer. One company innovative, the other...not so much.

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    Though I own pretty much every viable console out right now, I have something of a soft spot for Microsoft, but it's terrible seeing them miss the message completely. Phil Spencer took the helms promising 'focus on games', but it's pretty much clinging to tried and trusted staples.
    Where were any innovative kinect games? Where are the partnerships that Sony seems to effortlessly pull off? Why is Sony finding it pretty easy to turn supposedly third party devs like Housemarque to de facto 2nd party devs? Why is Microsoft WASTING what is surely tens of millions of dollars to secure Tomb Raider as an exclusive when those funds can easily fund games that can draw people to their console? Games like Conker, Viva Pinata that fans have been desperately anticipating. Where are the family friendly titles to draw the casual/family audience in with? 1 v 100, for example? Why waste money on bundles that will not sell, money that could easily fund a 'Lips' game that'll sell a million units?

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    It's weird Phil comes on stage to parrot the usual lines of "best place to play games". But Sony seems to be the best place now for the hardcore games, best for adventure games (upcoming), surely best for RPGs, best for family friendly games too!
    It's weird, there's only a narrow opportunity for MS to close the gap slightly. Once this closes, and Sony gets to really unleash the likes of Uncharted, Project Morpheus, Gran Turismo 7 and many of the other IPs they're keeping close to their chest, this will move from a rout to a slaughter.

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    I expected a price drop from MS, to be honest. You cannot sell weaker hardware for the same price as a smaller, more portable and more powerful console. if you're going to drop Kinect, there's absolutely no right to sell the Xbox One for the same price as the PS4, not when you chose to go the inferior ESRAM route to save money.
    MS never seems to learn though. I can predict TGS already. FIFA, COD, GTA, Indie reel, some Halo and one or two generic new IPs. And that's a shame.

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    You’re right but for the wrong reasons. Phil Spencer doesn’t get it because he’s unwilling to stick with the original vision for the Xbox One device which was so compelling – an all-in-one box that also plays games. I bought two during the launch window because I was promised an experience that combined the best of all types of media in a single package with a standard Kinect interface for new types of game experiences. Now what do I have? Two Kinects that are essentially worthless except for voice navigation and IR blasting. Yeah, thanks a lot for that Phil. You deserve to be on Sony’s payroll for that stab in the back.

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