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    I am Canceling My Destiny Pre-Order

    And it is as you may guess, because of the online requirement. I faced the same thing with TitanFall, and I am tired of the gaming industry leaning towards online requirements for SINGLE PLAYER gameplay. It is ridiculous in my opinion. Since I am canceling my Destiny Pre-Order, I am now trying to find another game to take it's replacement, so far, there are few games to look forward too right now on the Xbox 360. I guess I can always get Madden and Call of Duty:AW. Watch_Dogs at least let's you play offline.
    What do you guys think of a lot of new games requiring online for single player?

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    No. It has some elements of one though. I found out today (I had the time to visit IGN) that some elements of the game requires other players, so in essence, it will be very difficult or impossible to finish the game by yourself, which is a deal breaker for me.

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    I think instead of scolding me for my preorder, you have to remember when these games are available to be preordered, not a lot of info is known from the get go. And also, I have a had a lot on my plate to remember where $5 went, but I had the chance today and it is annoying how games like TitanFall and Destiny are online only now.

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    That is the direction of the gaming industry. There are very good reasons to make such requirements and very few reasons not to. Nearly 100% of the gaming community has internet at home and therefore it doesn’t make sense why it would deter you. However, making games online only can help prevent and deter hacking and cheating.

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    Take my opinion with a grain of salt. I personally think you’re killing this game in your head prematurely. There are parts of the game that do have a multiplayer requirement, I believe they’re called community challenges or something. However you can choose to ignore those and go on your marry way playing the single player only content. Bungie is smart enough to know not everyone wants to be forced into a multiplayer situation, and multiplayer is not a requirement. Sure you won’t be able to experience 100% of the content of the game if you don’t participate in multiplayer (co-op), but that is true for 90% of big budget games.

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    I don’t want to play a game devoid a rich single player offline experience. I am fine with online gameplay, I play it all the time with Watch_Dogs and COD. But I don’t want to have ALWAYS be online. That’s my issue. Sometime I want to play offline and just fuck around, especially in a open world game.

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