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    Wich keyboard should i buy?

    That’s not the point. I was saying I don’t mind being connected, but to always require online play is my beef. Why should a game require multiplayer for down sections of the CAMPAIGN. A campaign is the offline single player experience you have with. Not I have to be online to get this mission done.

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    For single player games the definition shifted recently? Campaigns in video games have traditionally been mission based single player gameplay, which Destiny has to an extent as some missions in the campaign require multiplayer and then to play the campaign you have to be online anyways.

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    I played the alpha mostly by myself, only ended up joining forces with other people who were randomly in an encounter I stumbled upon and one time going into the multiplayer arena with some friends. couldn’t you just consider any characters you meet npc? I didn’t make any attempt to communicate with other people i came across and i’m not even sure i could, i just helped them kill whatever they were killing, why would that bother you? Is it philosophical?

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    I find it hard to understand the people who boycott games simply because they have an always-connected requirement. As long as the backend infrastructure is there (not so in the case of SimCity and others) it should be fine. As everyone has said, you’re not forced to interact with other players, but Destiny was designed to be played with others. You’ll be missing out on a sweet game simply because you think you’re somehow making a statement by boycotting it. The alpha was awesome and I’m looking forward to the beta and the retail release. Your loss, dude.

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    I am not making a statement, I am simply expressing that it is not my cup of tea. I lose out that’s fine, I still have a few games to play from Grid Auto sport to COD:AW to Madden to a quite a few games I missed from the past couple years ago like Fallout:NV.

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    I get what you’re trying to say. I mean, it might be silly to complain about World of Warcraft’s lack of a single player campaign (although it can be pretty solitary experience anyway), but games like Destiny kind of blur the lines between traditional MMOs and single player campaigns which is fine for Destiny because that’s the point of the game, but it sucks if you’re not really into that and all games start to do similar things.

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