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    Silent Hills

    Seems it's been cancelled and sadly, anyone who missed the chance can no longer download the P.T. Demo, great shame. On the upside, you can purchase a PS4 with P.T. installed for any where from 500 to 2000 at sites such as eBay!


    Silent Hills, revealed by the P.T. demo, is in development by Kojima Studios. A new trailer was shown at this years TGS conference. Not much info on the game besides it seems to be in first person and that the studio are considering releasing the game over a series of episodes, ala Siren Blood Curse and The Walking Dead.

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    Holy sh*t! Norman reedus

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    Silent Hill is back. Hopefully on PC as well.

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    This sh*t looks f*cking spectacular.
    Say what you will about Kojima, but the guy can sure grab people's attention.

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