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    Final Fantasy XV

    This was a bit of a sleeper for me until I saw a little video about it the other day.

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    It has been many years since the last time I played final fantasy but I'm kinda digging the open world and dropping of the turnbased combat system really think I will pick this up at some point soon.

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    If this was turn base.......I wouldn't be interested at all. I know there are die hard FF fans that hate that they left it, but to get a new fan base you must adapt.

    I've never owned a FF game before. Just goes to show you if you adapt and have a awesome take someone that was never interested in the series, very interested.

    Even took a gamble on the blu ray movie and got the physical deluxe edition. Since I've never played the series before, I got the hard cover strategy guide in case I'm lost. Cool that it comes with a movie.

    Quantum Breaks show wasn't bad either. Only other game I can think of that has a movie/show associated with the game.

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    So, this game is getting good reviews. Think I will buy it after I'm done with Watch Dogs 2.

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    Also coming in as someone who has never played the series before and became interested for the same reasons. It looks good from my perspective. Though I've been hearing that the characters are pretty bland? We'll find out if that bothers me or not I guess.

    I've always read that 6 is a good one to start with if you've never played it before. So maybe I'll get 6 up and running as well.

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