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    Sonic Mania

    I did a quick check and found nothing and I think may be the first Sonic game topic but as a loyal fan of the blue hedgehog since his first game back
    in 1991 I'm making the topic for the upcoming Sonic Mania.

    Sonic Mania is a HD remaster of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and is being released for Sony Playstation 4, Microsfot Xbox One and PC platforms.

    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles will be playable characters and is expected in Spring 2017.

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    The stream was awful, but this and Project Sonic 2017 made it worth staying up to 6AM.

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    Here's hope that SEGA and other people who work on this game don't screw it up, aswell as that 2017 project. We don't want another Sonic '06 & Sonic Genesis GBA. This looks very promising. As a fan of Sonic, I could safely say that this would become the true Sonic the Hedgehog 4 we've all been waiting for. Or maybe not, who knows.

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    Yes I agree with you both, stream was awful but worth the announcement.

    I also hope it does not become another Sonic 2006 as I liked the story but the gameplay was just poor and I have not played
    any Sonic since Sonic Generations, I guess I am really happy that Tails is going to be playable again as you may guess
    from my profile he is my favourite character.

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    I would've loved if Tails or anybody else for that matter was shown instead of Classic Sonic in the Project Sonic 2017 trailer. We really didn't need another "Classic Sonic" type game, I mean I don't mind him "that" much, but since we are getting a game just dedicated to his classic stuff we really didn't need him in this one too. It's just that I really think that these 3D Sonic games should hold on their own without the Classic. I don't mind a lil' bit of classic like references, but this is going literally to "Mario" type level of forcing nostalgia down our throats. It also doesn't help that year by year the cast is getting more underused. Ever since Sonic 06 happened the rest of the cast was not playable, just making cameos and stuff, it's a shame really.

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