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    Things that annoyed you in games you enjoyed

    I apologize if there is already a thread that's similar to this (I wouldn't count the "clichés" thread, any way). Is there a game that you liked or loved that had a moment that still makes you role your eyes.

    For me, in Dragon Age: Inquisition, it has to be when Mother Giselle sings the hymn in the encampment on the way to Skyhold. The song is fine by itself. The fact that a senior and reverend member of a clergy is singing a hymn in such unrestrained and narrow vibrato pisses me off, as both a fan of religious music and music in general. If she had sung in a wider vibrato, I wouldn't've thought twice about it, but how the hymn is sung in the game makes me think that the singer in question has no self-awareness in singing, which would be contrary to the training of either an actual singer or a notable member of clergy. It's just flat out grating.

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda had a thing where every time you traveled between planets, you'd have to sit through the entire flight maneuver. I always dreaded that part. It turned a 2 second task into a 20 second one, and it adds up.

    Thank god they added an option to skip now.

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