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    Assassin's Creed Series

    Opening this topic for everything about this series. It started in 2007 and already have 9 main titles and a lot of spin offs,books and in december first movie release. First AC was actually second game after GTA IV that I bought for my PS3. Still like many my favorite games in series were Ezio's trilogy in 15th and 16th century Italy and Turkey. I always loved historical tourism and visiting some places that I only hear or read about, seeing recreation of old places and monuments. Gameplay was fun with close combat, parkour and ship combat in Black Flag and Rogue. Series did get in problems with too many sequels in short time and not enough time to change things but it seems that Ubisoft realise that so there is a pause this year and next game will be improvement I hope. And rumors are that is set in Egypt so that could be great,exploring pyraminds and Pharaon's Tomb's and visiting some places that are not much presented in video games.
    What do you think about this series? Which game was your favorite? What place would you like to see next? (Feudal Japan and Vikings Era would be great.)

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    Assassin's creed 3 is the most underrated one.

    But my favorite is actually assassin's creed brotherhood (surprised?)

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    I only played the first one, II and its Brotherhood extension. After that, it became apparent to me that the series stalled and it was going nowhere ambitious technical wise, let alone that the story was going more ridiculous and it started to focus on so many irrelevant pieces. I liked the first part because of the story and how the Templar-Assassin fight was more philosophy-driven and each side was able to explain his worldview clearly in a convincing way.

    Speaking about the first part, it wasn't merely a story of good versus evil, black versus white as the the rest of the games that followed tried to capture, but rather a story about two opposing worldviews driven by the templars and assassins of the Levant region. You can't deny the brilliance of and the well-thought speech provided by Tamir, Garnier, William, Sibrand and others after being assassinated by Altair. Their conversations made Altair to question his deeds even to the point of silencing him by exposing the hypocrisy of his actions. I've yet to encounter a new Assassin's Creed game that presents the templars in such an interesting and thoughtful state, especially after experiencing the Borgias of Italy in II and Brotherhood, which was a family and a confederation of other templars who were seeking nothing but shallow dominance over the people.

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    Then you should play ac3 or 4. It also presents a morally grey area for the assassins vs Templars. AND to be fair about the Borgias, even the Templars (in universe) refers to that period of time as the "dark age of the Templar order" because of them wanting nothing but power

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