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    Manual Windows Update?

    Desktop: Dell XPS 8700, Windows 10 Professional 64 bit, version 1703
    Laptop: Dell Inspiron 5537, Windows 10 Home 64 bit, version 1703

    After processing last night's Windows updates (the "Tuesday package" that arrived on both machines last night) on both machines, Secunia PSI insists that both still need manual updates of Windows 10 and of Internet Explorer 11.x and 11.x 64 bit. Is this just a quirk that will fix itself in due course?

    It also says "Windows Update not installed" and complains that without it, some updates will not be installed. This puzzles me, because AFAIK Windows Update has been functioning normally on both computers for years,

    Do I need to do something here, and if so, what?

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    Thanks for moving this to a more appropriate location!

    Two things to add here:

    1. I remember now that this has occurred before. On that occasion, and again on this one, when I actually did "click to update" I was sent to a Microsoft FAQ information page that told me how to install the Creators Update (version 1703, which has been installed and running on both machines for quite some time now). The assumption seemed to be that I had not yet been auto-updated and that I wanted to know how to "jump the queue". The information presented was so obviously inappropriate that I backed out immediately.

    2. The Avast Premier software updater reports that all software is up to date.

    And, once again, the "Patch Tuesday" update was successfully processed by both machines last Tuesday evening. After completion, and still today, Secunia PSI continued and continues to report that Windows 10, and both versions (32 and 64 bit) of Internet Explorer 11.x, are in need of manual updating.

    Speccy reports as installed on 8/9/2017 the following "hotfixes" on both machines (and no install failures)
    KB4034674 - the August cumulative update - for version 1703 64 bit
    KB890830 - the Malicious Software Removal Tool - ditto
    KB4034662 - Security update for Adobe Flash Player - ditto

    So am I correct in thinking this is a bug of some kind in Secunia's detection of the Windows update status? - and that it will sort itself out at the next update cycle?

    Thanks for enlightenment!

    I had understood (please correct me if I am wrong) that with Windows 10 and automatic updating, I no longer needed to worry about Windows Update (I well remember its operation in earlier versions of Windows).

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    My guess is that Secunia PSI is in error. I did have that program installed previously, but I ditched it after six months because it was, on occasion, incorrectly reporting updates required. I look after my own updating now by manually checking the programs that I rely on, and that are updated on reasonably frequent basis to plug security vulnerabilities.

    In my personal opinion, installing Secunia PSI is better than not updating your programs at all, but many of us are sufficiently computer-literate to check for updates by ourselves, and avoid going down the occasional "rabbit holes" that Secunia PSI identifies. One can waste a tremendous amount of time troubleshooting such non-existent issues.

    Just my two cents. My views do not represent those of Bleeping Computer.

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    Most of the programs I use are set either to update themselves automatically, or to announce "update available" whereupon I update them manually. Windows 10 updates itself when the time is ripe, and I have never had to tinker with it in that respect (or any other respect for that matter). I run Secunia PSI occasionally to see if I might have missed something. Once or twice it has showed me something I had overlooked. I do try to keep everything updated to minimize the security risks associated with outdated software.

    In this case I have rather supposed that the report of non-updated Windows 10 (and IE), now occurring for the second time, was an error on the part of Secunia. I've certainly not been losing any sleep over it. As a scientist I am incurably driven to wondering "how things work" and so when Secunia seems to be doing something weird I am driven to ask "how come?"

    I am using Avast Premier as my primary antivirus program. It also has a "software updater" function which at present is NOT reporting anything needing updating.

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    Update to preceding: Without any further Windows updates taking place, Secunia PSI has now decided that both computers are fully up to date in all software (Secunia score 100%). One could say, semi-facetiously, that it took Secunia about a week (well, I haven't been checking every day <G>) to realize that yes, Windows has been updated after all.

    The list of installed "hotfixes" has not changed since August 9th. The desktop computer has, I think, not even been rebooted since the 11th, at which time Secunia was still reporting that Windows and IE needed to be updated.

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