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    Malwarebytes Paid Version

    The other day I opened my free version of Malwarebytes and checked for updates. An update downloaded that turned out to be a 30 trial for a paid version that appears to do real time protection.

    Can other users recommend this paid version?

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    he free is great, but reactive - you manually do the scans. the Premium is proactive, sits in the background, protecting your butt.
    proactive malware protection should be part of any layered security setup.

    MBAM used to have a one off payment, lifetime license which was fantastic, now it's $AUD35 per year. still well worth it.

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    Had it running on Windows 10 Creators Update for a while.Seems all or most of the prior bugs are gone.No funny stuff was going on like in prior versions.You can notice a little system slowdown but its not bad.

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