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    Do I need a graphic design degree?

    I have spent the last 10 years working in finance and I am sick of it. I don't care about trying to make big money anymore, I just want a job that I enjoy. I'm 32 years old. Recently I went back to my roots and rekindled my love for drawing and have really got back into it. I've decided that I want to try and use my talent for drawing and creativity to get into the creative industry.. Something I should have done a long time ago.

    I would like to build a portfolio for graphic design and apply for jobs at graphic design agencies, starting as a junior or intern, but I have no graphic design degree... Am I likely to get turned away because of this? 10 years ago I acquired a degree in product design so I do have a 'creative' degree but not in graphic design unfortunately...

    What are my chances finding work in the UK once I have a portfolio and assuming that it is of a decent standard?

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    A product design degree will probably serve you just as well, if not better than one in graphic design, to be honest. You may find this different background is a way into work as you have a slightly different set of skills and ways of thinking than graphics graduates. Most studios will only care about your work, not whether or not you have a qualification so I'd focus on getting a portfolio built up and asking for placements in studios to build a network. Most graduates get a job in the industry via a placement so it's worth getting to know people who can help you.

    This question is asked quite a lot. Have a search of the forums and you'll find some posts asking the same sort of questions.

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    Best thing to do would be to put together a portfolio and just ask studios and agencies for critiques. 10 minutes with an art director or senior designer doing through your work will probably tell you a great deal. You may find you need to explore new areas and brush up on typography skills and the such-like, but you'll be in a great position to request a re-crit a few months down the line when you've improved.

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    IMO you don't need a degree but that doesn't mean you don't need to learn fundamentals though. I'm seeing so many 'graphic designers', you know the ones who 'own' photoshop, putting out work, that clients seem to like, that breaks so many fundamental rules like kerning, white space and the likes. It gets a little depressing seeing just how far the 'art form' of graphic design has fallen in some cases.

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