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    Publisher files

    I am looking for some freeware that will open my publisher files. I used to have Microsoft 2003. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have Windows 8.1 and I usually use Chrome.

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    I do not know how successful the conversion will be but there is an online converter here. It will convert your .pub files to other formats of your choosing. You can try .pub to pdf or pub to doc. There is also a pub to html converter.

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    Used the zamzar one. changed it to a pdf it didn't work for that all scrambled. It does let me see what it is when I convert to doc. but it still isn't right. I have some business cards I need to print but it isn't working.

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    Did you try the pub to html conversion? Unfortunately Microsoft does not have a Publisher viewer.

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    JohnC, I was going to suggest either Libre or Open Office suites for the OP. But, those won't read Publisher material, correct?

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