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    Outlook 2003 crashes when trying to open an email with attachment...

    A couple of days ago I started experiencing this MS Outlook 2003 crashing issue... when I attempt to open any email with an attachment I get the following crash (other emails open OK):

    My OS is Windows XP64. And the version of the kernel32.dll is as follows:

    c:\windows\system32 contains:
    kernel32.dll (size 1483Kb) version 5.2.3790.5295 (srv03_sp2_qfe.140205-1447) dated 2/6/2014
    c:\windows\SysWOW64 contains:
    kernel32.dll (size 993Kb) version 5.2.3790.5295 (srv03_sp2_qfe.140205-1447) dated 2/6/2014

    ...and they match the versions that are in the DLL cache folder.

    Things I tried (unsuccessfully):
    1. Doing a regsvr32 kernel32.dll came back with "kernel32.dll was loaded, but..." ( I don't recall the exact message... something about DllRegisterServer not called or found).
    2. Scanning the PST for errors (and fixing).
    3. Doing a repair install on Microsoft Office 2003.
    4. Attempted to re-install Office 2003 SP3 (didn't work as it's already installed).
    5. Installed MS14-019/KB2922229 (installed successfully-- no affect)
    I started to do a sfc /scannow ...but I was afraid to allow it to restore DLLs from the WinXP64 Disc into cache because I feared they would be older than the dated 2/6/2014 files and thus cause worse problems. What Windows Update installed these 2/6/2014 dated kernel32.dll files? Maybe I could uninstall that KB update and then re-install it???
    6. Tried a System Restore but it failed.
    7. Attempted to create a new outlook profile with a new email account (same parameters as current email account) but when I try to start Outlook with this new profile it immediately crashes Outlook as it trys to startup and gives me that same error (except in the dialog title bar is says : "F: OUTLOOK.EXE - Entry Point Not Found").
    8. Kaspersky scan detected no issues.

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    Being e-mail related with lots of file attachments activity I would Install adaware and malwarebyts and run those. You likely got a trojan. IMO Kaspersky is garbage. Try going to run and type outlook.exe /safe hit enter. Or hold ctrl and click outlook.exe icon. Try using icon in control panel.

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    Well, I have tried launching Outlook in safe mode from the Run command: Outlook /safe

    And that doesn't help. Issue persists. I will install malwarebytes and adware bytes and run a scan... but how can I verify if there is anything wrong with the kernel32.dll ??? the files seem to match what is in the dllcache folder. I'm afraid to run sfc /scannow because it would like install the original, older DLL. How can I restore the dll from the dllcache? At this point I think my outlook profile is corrupted somehow. And I would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting this fixed-- even it if means uniinstalling the Office 2007 compatibility pack and Office 2003 suite.

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    Malwarebytes found something in the recycler it labeled as malware and I removed it:

    Trojan.HTKeyGen, C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-3076411375-1713665460-1555736972-500\Dc9.rar, Quarantined, [9bf62b2714774ceaa4727a8cc33e1ae6] also found a bunch of stuff that I felt might be false-positives so I ignored them once, and ran the scan again to get a log of them:

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    SFC.EXE /scanfile not an option for Windows XP x64 OS. I am reluctant to do the sfc /scannow because it doesn't tell me what file it's prompting for the Windows XP64 SP2 Install Disc... and I fear that the many security updates since the original OS installation would result in me loading much older DLLs back into the dllCache or system32 folder... and cause worse issues-- for example, any DLLs replaced by originals wouldn't match what the security updates installed. For example, the kernel32.dll I posted the details on earlier is dated 2/6/2014... and that's the latest legit file version; so some security update or other .NET Framework installation or something installed it. Am I right to think that restoring "original" DLL files could cause worse conflicts?

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