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    Microsoft drops the ball: Access 2016 not included in Office 365

    I remember MS dropping Access out of Office 97 and beyond. John, thanks for the heads-up!

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    I remember that there are editions of Office that do not include either MS Access or MS Project...which were included in the very first edition of Office which I worked with in the Army. That was 1995 .

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    I have never used an edition of MS Office that had MS Project in it. I thought that was a separate entity.

    I thought MS getting rid of Access was because nobody used it anymore. Apparently, a lot of people still do. Is it because they are stubborn users or is it because Access is actually "good"?

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    MS will be happy to sell you a license for Access, apart from the license you pay for the Office Sour-- I mean Suite.

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    Weird that it is included in the Personal and Home subscriptions but not the business packages. Access is very much a business application. I suppose most database users don't need to design and edit them, just enter data, run queries etc. and in that scenario Access runtime (free) would do the job. They haven't released a 2016 version of that yet though.

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