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    So I purchased a Nintendo switch and zelda at GameStop yesterday. I've been playing since I got it. Took it out with me and saw some friends, they also played it. I haven't had a Nintendo system since the 64. I bought the switch because I'm a law student and usually not at home or if I am at home, at my desk doing work. I thought it would be perfect for the school bus and those short breaks in-between studying and reading. What other games do you guys recommend? I saw there are a lot of indie games.

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    I got my switch!

    I’m so close to this ideal, my current phone (iPhone) is the last hold out before I can really take one charger with me on trips.

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    If you still have the opportunity for couch co-op you have to get Snipperclips, the criminally forgotten launch title that has an insane amount of charm, is one of the few co-op games that isn’t completive but will have you screaming at one another all the same.
    If you like fighting games give ARMS a chance. A game that unfortunately got judged more as a Splatoon competitor than a game of totally different (and far more niche) genre. It has more content than most fighting games, and has that same Nintendo charm and polish you’d expect from them. Also works as a great party game.

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    I need Persona 5 in my life, especially now that I’m playing P4G, it just requires me to have a PS4 in my life which is just something I can’t get myself to pull the trigger on.
    I’d definitely wait to play XC2 until after you’re done with Persona 5. I finished the game in 70 hours and that’s only because I strictly played the narrative path and didn’t do any side quests or exploration in the beginning.
    The combat takes a little while to grock but once you get into it it’s insanely rewarding and enjoyable. The characters are all very likeable which is probably a saving grace given the number of cliches. The world genuinely rivals the world of BotW in terms of design and wonderment. There are some truly imaginative and beautiful parts of this world and they way it plays into the story makes it easy to get invested in.
    Polygon was right to call it a mess, just to be clear, but it’s a lovable and truly endearing mess that I’ll take any day of the week over a more polished, safer, product.

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    You may have done yourself a disservice. Some of the side missions are really surprising or extremely funny. Not to mention the Heart to Hearts that really give side characters a chance to shine and have more personality.
    That said, I can see why some may want to avoid the side quests….it’s a seemingly never ending rabbit hole. Fortunately, it’s been worthwhile

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    But now? Just a few days before Nintendo’s big direct for the year, after already being aware of Bayonetta ports, Takahashi wanting Xenoblade X on Switch, Platinum’s weird The Wonder 101 Switch picture on Twitter? Especially after Wii U games have been full MSRP with very little variation for so long? It’s suspicious.
    I mean, of course they want to get rid of stock that probably doesn’t move, but the timing is quite suspect.

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