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    Is Destiny Broken?

    I would also love to get some ports, since I’m certainly never going to buy a Wii U.
    What I’d really love is a Windwaker HD port or re-master for the Switch. I know we’ve gotten one before, but I love that game so much.

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    Storage is no longer an issue for me now. That, and I deleted a couple of games I wasn’t playing.
    I still wish Nintendo wouldve offered larger storage options for the Switch at launch. I personally would’ve spent more to avoid buying SD cards…but it’s all good.

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    Toward the end of chapter 6, 135 hours in. Just finished getting gold chips for everyone who needs them (Roc, Adenine, Wulfric, Praxis) and I’m still trying to max Ursula, unlock Theory, and nab KOS-MOS.
    Mind you, I actually didn’t bother finishing the first Xenoblade until maybe hours 115-120, and spent 60 more doing endgame stuff like superbosses, getting the best crystals, building Reyn and Melia. This time, I’m being even more thorough.

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    Justice affinity will make it easier (KOS-MOS should be on Zeke anyway), but I need to kit him out with Praxis, Zenobia, and KOS-MOS to get him access to Smash, Topple, and Break for endgame farming. I bet I get all the other blades I’m missing while aiming for KOS-MOS though, like Nim, Agate, Vale, Floren, Finch and Dahlia, none of which I want nor care about at this point…

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    I use other weapons but I feel they are precious. Like the great thunderblade, great flameblade, iceblade, I only use those on elemental bosses. Thunderblade was great against WaterBright Gannon. I haven’t used the master sword enough to break it yet. It’ll be my go to and let me save my other weapons for when I really need them.

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