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    Between this, Skyrim (never played it before) and next year’s Octopath Traveler and Lost Sphere…I expect my social life to all but disappear.
    I love me some RPGs!

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    Hmm, maybe I will. I guess Mario can tie me over until December.
    It’s just all the reviews from Skyrim were soooo good. I always wanted to dive into it, but never got a chance. And when the Switch revealed that it was indeed coming to the system I just knew I had to jump at the chance.
    Decisions, decisions, decisions….

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    Super Smash Bros demo code!

    Have you played previous Elder Scrolls Games? Skyrim is the most approachable of them, but they’ve got their own logic that can be a touch obtuse. Some of the better features from Mods (such as cold-weather effects) may be available in the new DLC system, but it’s still best experienced on a PC if you have that option.

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    I don’t know, to be honest. Personally, I don’t see any value in the Switch. I’d rather play games on my phone/tablet without having to invest in a separate piece of hardware that will offer a marginally better experience than just using a controller with the gadget I own.
    Xbox and PS don’t appeal much to me either, but I see their place in the living room or bedroom – especially for people who want a low-effort entertainment machine (gaming, audio, video content). Actually, I give props to Microsoft for crafting a 499-€ console that also plays 4K BR disks; that price can’t be matched even by a self-built machine. Still not doing it for me, though.

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