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    How do you guys keep Xbox One S controller charged?

    Hi Everyone!
    I was just going to buy Xbox One S (budget won't permit X) and I realized that it's controller runs on AA Batteries. I was expecting it to be rechargeable via USB. How do you keep it charged?
    Also, would love to know about any good deals on Xbox One S going on in US right now that you know of?

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    You get more than in a pack. Charge a few and play with two. When the two die, switch them out. And charge the dead ones. Takes awhile to die.
    I never have luck with charge and play L-ion batteries, they crap out too fast.

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    I use Microsoft’s charge and play kit that I got along with the Xbox one on launch day.
    I’m happy with the battery life and it still holds a charge fine. Plus it comes with a nice usb cable, it has a little light at the micro-usb side that lights on when its charging and its long enough (2.5+m) that allows to use the controller "wired" while it charges.

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    Well it depends on how you look at it. It’s not a con in that if it quits working completely, you can’t just run to any store and get another. AAs are everywhere so you always have a place to get spares.
    I use AAs in my main PC controller. I have a bunch of rechargeable AAs around ready to be swapped in. I prefer them to the Xbox rechargeable batteries.

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