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    Since this was posted in the gaming forum I will say this:
    Most budget oriented gaming headsets do not have good comfort features. Meaning the ear cups are not as soft and the clamping force is very high. They don’t fill the ear cups with adequate amount of foam.
    If virtual surround sound is a necessity, you don’t have much of a choice but pay a lot more for something more comfortable. If you don’t you can use headphones for normal audio as a gaming headset. Just make sure the headphones have a wider soundstage or you won’t get that spatial sound.

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    They’re suggesting AirPods because that’s what Apple has told them are the BEST.
    I wear glasses and contacts depending on the time of day. For glasses, not only will any pair of earbuds work, so will almost any pair of on-ear headphones. The Koss Portapros sound better than 100% of earbuds and cost a lot less too. The Grado SR80’s sound even better, though they’re stretching things a bit in terms of size – some people might find that they still hurt with glasses on after prolonged listening.

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