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    Celeste Wow Just Wow

    Firstly, the Aurora has a 1TB hard drive smh, so they’re making like $350 profit on one computer. second, is it really unrealistic to ask of a company to make a profit that isn’t anti-consumer? And DELL is running sales throughout the year, not Alienware, there’s only a sale because of Labor Day on Alienware’s end. And yeah, it does seem like a decent wage, and that wage is assuming they make $100 profit. One could even argue that’s too much, as building a computer is just plugging and screwing parts in essentially. But Alienware is a company and they have expenses, so I’m cool with $100-$125. And are you acting like Alienware doesn’t know what they’re doing? They’re like a multi-million dollar company so screw off. And as for computer building being this horribly complicated process, find a build online and follow a tutorial smh. And fuck yeah it’s anti-consumer to price computers this high, it’s against the consumer, I gave you the damn definition. And I reallllly doubt you got that price from Alienware themselves, cause I’m on their website and I’m pretty sure this is the laptop you’re referring to, it costs 2K smh. As for repairs, firstly, you’ll VERY rarely need them, and I’m damn sure they’d make you pay for new parts, especially if it’s something big like the CPU or GPU. I’m not gonna pay $300+ for some guy to come to my house and make me spend money on new parts, why tf would I do that. And I’m not assuming you have a secondary machine, who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays? And you don’t need to be trawling through forums. Just go to a couple tech forums, ask, and wait for the FREE replies to come. You’ll find some nice guy who knows a thing or two about tech that’ll help ya fix your problem, then you can get a replacement part, or even upgrade if you want to and be on your merry way. Not sure what confirmation bias your talking about, my point is Alienware is anti-consumer, sounds pretty damn objective, and my estimations aren’t as far off as you make them seem, they’re not way out there by any means, they’re (Decentlly) close to the price of Alienware’s PCs. Even if they weren’t, you get the idea, Alienware is overpriced, even if it’s not overpriced as my estimations may suggest.

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    Dude. Dell OWNS Alienware. Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell. They’re the same thing. Alienware’s prices are Dell’s prices, and Dell’s sales are Alienware’s sales. If you click on "buy" on the Alienware website, it will take you to….. DELL’S WEBSITE. So no, the sale on Alienware isn’t just because of Labor Day. There are sales on Alienware happening non-stop all round the year. I got my supposed 2K laptop in such a sale.

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    It’s a bad definition. You are still free to buy the individual parts and assemble them yourselves, if that’s what you wish. Alienware doesn’t owe you anything, or force you to do anything. If Alienware chooses to serve the segment of customers that are willing to drop some money for a prebuilt computer that’s guaranteed to work and has great after-sales support, then I don’t see why that bothers you. It’s not for you – go buy something else. I don’t understand the indignation that someone is selling something you’re not interested in and another person is buying that thing.

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    I’ve had to repair every single PC I’ve created. Maybe that’s a reflection on my skill, but if I’ve been building PCs for 10 years and have that problem, imagine what it’s like for someone that’s new. Also, you’re wrong. It’s called a "warranty" for a reason. If anything goes bad, they will replace it – including the CPU or GPU. Doubt it all you want, but Dell has replaced the entire motherboard – CPU included – for me when a computer didn’t work, without charge. They’re legally obligated to do that with a WARRANTY.

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