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    I don’t know about the nice guy part, but most people aren’t even AWARE that such tech forums exist. And they don’t want to. They don’t have time. They just want the computer to work dammit. They don’t have time for insanely complicated RMA processes, or long wait times to get the replacement because "the part isn’t in stock". I’ve had a lot of experience around this area. Having someone come to your house with the right part the next day is SO much better. And if you shopped the deals right, you don’t even have to pay for this.

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    All you’ve proved is Alienware’s LIST prices are too high, when compared to the LOWEST price you can find for individual parts. How is that fair in any way? When was the last time you bought computer parts at list price? Is that how consumers make decisions – they compare list prices? No – they look at the cheapest option available. And with Dell’s continuous sales, you can get Alienwares for pretty cheap. So honestly, no, I still don’t get your "objective" conclusion that Alienware is "anti-consumer".

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    Sure, it’s possible for a company to make profit and not be anti-consumer. But your only assertion that Alienware is anti-consumer rests on their prices being too high which is (1) false, since you’re looking at list prices, and (2) a bad definition of anti-consumer. Again, if you don’t like Alienware – don’t buy their products. It doesn’t affect your existence at all.

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    Firstly you used the word assertion wrong, assertions don’t rest on anything, they’re bold claims with absolutely nothing backing them up. And OF COURSE I’m looking at list prices!!! We’re not talking about if some random seller is anti-consumer, we’re talking about ALIENWARE!!!! Good Lord! And I’m using the damn dictionary definition of anti-consumer. And I don’t give a shit if Alienware doesn’t effect me, I’m not just gonna sit around and watch them rip people off without saying anything.

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    I’ve had to repair every single PC I’ve created. Maybe that’s a reflection on my skill, but if I’ve been building PCs for 10 years and have that problem, imagine what it’s like for someone that’s new. Also, you’re wrong. It’s called a "warranty" for a reason. If anything goes bad, they will replace it – including the CPU or GPU. Doubt it all you want, but Dell has replaced the entire motherboard – CPU included – for me when a computer didn’t work, without charge. They’re legally obligated to do that with a WARRANTY.*

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