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    Is the HTC Vive still worth buying now?

    Or ability to upgrade? This ability is questionable. We don’t have PS5 yet to see how it goes in the future, but to have something at least as good as PS4 and PS4 Pro (after upgrade), you are looking at comparable money spent… in the best case for PC.

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    PC would be cheaper only if you can keep the same CPU for the PS5 competitor, but I doubt it would be possible, with i3 at least. It might be possible using i5-k CPUs, but this would make PC with upgrades again cost as much as PS4, Pro and PS5 together.
    There is just one huge plus for PC though – you could have PS4 Pro performance on the day of PS4 release… but such PC would easily cost at least as much as both PS4 and Pro together and likely much more (as hopefully nobody is insane enough to put top 7970 on i3 and bargain bin PSU, case etc).
    Nah, if you are looking at 500-ish gaming, PC will not offer better experience than console in games, and you need to spend quite a lot of time and effort to not have it offer something worse. Going down to 300 or so makes absolutely no sense, as even cheaper X1S would be faster.
    But console obviously cannot match 1k+ PCs, which is where PC gaming starts to get notably better than consoles.

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    What I mean by, "in the laung haul" is cheaper games, free online, upgradability, mods to get more playtime out of games, more free games, and I’m sure there’s some more I can’t think of off of the top of my head. And what do you mean upgradability is questionable? Do you really think PS5 will have upgradability? Be honest with yourself, do you really believe that? Really? And as for the comparable amount of money spent, it’s only really comparable upfront, after that it really isn’t. And the PS5 isn’t even announced, so how would have have the same CPU, consoles usually have a custom CPUanyway… And it’s already cheaper, anyway. And… Shoot this broken English is hard to interpret, I’m gonna have to skip a bit. And a PC with the power of PS4 Pro isn’t that much more expensive, especially when you take all the other factors into account, after that it’s significantly cheaper. Like, way cheaper. And a 500-ish PC will offer an experience that’s a thousand times better than console, did you not read the huge post up there that explains why? And going down to $350 you can get Xbox One levels of performance, actually. And PC is notably better even at that $350 prices due to all the factors I mentioned in the huge article I spent a LOT of time writing you obviously didn’t pay any attention to. Read through the post, then we’ll talk. Go through the points I make and tell me whey they’re wrong without broken English.

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    Nah, I don’t think PS5 will have upgrades, or any PS ever. It is just PC bought at release of GenX of consoles cannot be upgraded to GenX+1. Because CPU is too weak. Only these .5 upgrades are offering ability to upgrade just the GPU, as this is what MS and Sony did with their consoles too.
    Your nice i3+480 combo (or whatever you use to compete with consoles on performance and price) will not be able to run all PS5 stuff as good as that console, even after GPU upgrade.
    I am sticking to measurable stuff like graphics and won’t debate stuff like simplicity, exclusives, mods, form factor, other (say multimedia) capabilities etc. There are things consoles have better and stuff better on PC. Discussing with someone so convinced is a waste of time.
    As for graphics, I will reiterate my point. PC is offering way better graphics, but at higher prices. It cannot match console graphics at console prices.

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