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    this is for schoooooool!!!

    i3 + 480? Wow, you’re really not in the loop. Most budget builds today will have a Ryzen 3 1200 and a GTX 1050ti and will achieve the performance of the Xbox One X. And duh we can’t beat the PS5, it doesn’t fucking exist yet, and by the time it does we’ll be getting similar performance at a similar pricetag. Do you have fucking ESP to be able to predict the PS5s performance? Do you already know how things will be priced when the PS5 releases? Your logic confuses me… Oh, and please fix the broken English

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    No, assuming you are already a PC gamer. Can a PC compete with a PS4? Now this is a tricky question. There are many more exclusives on the PS4 so from pure games, there isn’t as much overlap whereas the X will have a lot more overlap now that Microsoft is delivering games to the windows store.
    I much prefer the flexibility of the PC. My TV can handle 120hz 1080p, so I much rather play at that with high-ultra settings on a 1070 vs. 4k 60hz with high-medium.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback, most of the time when I post stuff along these lines I get a LOT of people disagreeing with me, not that I mind it, I like debate, but it’s cool to see people on the same page as me for once

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    Yeah, PC will cost more up front (For now, at least, with the high prices of GPUs and RAM), but you save a lot of cash in the long haul

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