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    Video games consumption (survey)

    Except it pretty much is. The Xbox One X is still months away.
    And when it’ll come out, not all games Xbox One games will be optimized for it. And amongst those that do and support native 4K rendering, a lot of them will be limited to 30 FPS, which is a pretty annoying compromise.
    I’m pretty sure many (most?) PC gamers would rather would rather have 1440p 60FPS than 4K 30FPS. Or even 1080p 120FPS for competitive players. That’s the beauty of PC gaming. You make the tradeoffs you prefer.
    Or you spend more so you don’t have to make as many tradeoffs as console players. Why choose between 1080p 60FPS and 4K 30FPS when you can have a PC do 4K 60FPS? No need to accept a lack of anti-aliasing, checkerboard rendering, a variable framebuffer resolution, or whatever developers thought was the right compromise to make. PC gamers can always throw more money/flops at the problem.
    PCs will always remain ahead of the performance curve exactly because they are more niche and don’t necessarily have to hit a certain mass market price point. Consoles are not "getting there". It’s a moving target that will never be reached for as long as high-end PCs are more niche and expensive.

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    I think PC will give you the best overall graphics, but the combination of convenience, with the sheer number of players, gives consoles the advantage.
    I play a lot of shooters. Battlefield, call of duty, games like that. When the most recent Star Wars battlefront came out, I never had any trouble connecting with players at any time of the day. There were usually between 80k and 130k players online on PS4 at any moment.
    But when I checked the forums, the posts were all about how difficult it was to find a match. The common denominator was those players having trouble all played on PC. The PC player base for that game peaked at 15k users or so. If you can imagine those players spread across the planet all trying to match, no wonder they experienced lags and long waits to connect.
    In conclusion, if you play those kinds of mainstream multiplayer games, you’ll find the best experience on console. If you stick to single player games, or games with strong PC audiences like Overwatch and Starcraft, or PC-specific games like real time strategy games, and you are willing to put up with the relative extra work (drivers, windows updates, general PC maintenance) then PC is best.
    Source: Played PC games since 1995, built my own PC in 2008, bought my first console in 2011.

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    Alright, I’m gonna go through this step-by-step, firstly, you talk about convenience, it’s gonna take 3-4 hours to build a PC, but with an experience that’s just so much better, it’s well worth it. And, while PC has more players, they’re spread across a number of games, due to the large amount of games and genres on PC, but, in my opinion, I can wait a little longer, and how on earth would the player-base effect lag? If anything, with less players it would lag less. And mainstream multiplayer games won’t give you the best experience on console. PC has better graphics, controls, and frame-rate to give you a far superior FPS experience when compared to console. And lastly, there’s not much extra work to be done, you just build the PC, install Windows, and go go go. And you act like Windows has updates and consoles don’t, also, Windows will usually update when you’re not using the PC. PCs also offer more flexibility, not only can you game, you can do just about whatever you want, PCs have so much freedom, and you aren’t limited. Want better graphics? Set your FPS cap lower and go ahead. Want a higher FPS? Turn down the graphical settings a bit. PC has games and options for everybody, so nobody has to feel left out.

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    PC leaves the people who don’t want to waste their time building one or maintaining one. It’s annoying in all these discussions PC players completely ignore why consoles are dictating the gaming market right now. Convenience and ease of use being priority and the fact that it works out of the box. No set up beside signing in if you want. I stay offline on my Xbox One for weeks at a time.

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    And it’s laughable PC gamers are pushing the multiplayer FPS games are better on PC when we all know damn well when it comes to those kinds of games console players are the most rabid and ardent players of. The subjective news of what’s superior in the end is irrelevant it’s why these discussions are meaningless, console players have won now. That’s a good thing, PC gaming is losing what made it unique so that regardless of how you play you can get the same things. Whether that is graphics, frame rates, or mods consoles re getting there or have gotten there.

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