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Thread: PC or Console?

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    PC or Console?

    Sometimes I just want to plop down on my sofa and play a game on my TV, and the simplicity of consoles in that regard can’t be beaten by most PC setups. And I’m not really motivated to build a PC that’ll sit under my TV as of now.
    On the other hand the Indie game scene has been really thriving on PC for quite a few years now, and there are many cool little games that I enjoy very much that aren’t available on consoles. Not to mention some of my favorite games, such as X-Com and Civilization are really best enjoyed with a mouse and keyboard. And speaking of mouse and keyboard, many FPS fans will say that a mouse and keyboard is the best choice for shooting games! (I prefer a controller for that though, so call me a heretic :P)

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    I think you’re oversimplifying how easy it is to build PCs.
    Yes, it’s easy enough when you know how to do it (I’ve built 5 over the years and switched out plenty of parts), but for some people it takes a lot of time and effort to research parts, sales, and how to properly tweak the setup to get the best performance from the parts they chose.
    I remember taking half a year to a year slowly acquiring the parts for my first computer in 2002 (I was really patient and had a constant stream of rebates being mailed back to me). Compare that to saving up some money, going to a store, and buying a console. One is vastly simpler.

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    Oh yes for sure, on occasion I’ve went as far as plugging in my laptop to my TV for a night to play certain games with friends on the TV.
    I’ve built PC’s in the past for different purposes, but personally I prefer the simplicity that is to be had with console gaming. At least enough that I like to have a console setup available to me at home, as well as my computer where I play games too.
    This is of course just my personal preference, perhaps one day I’ll build a microATX machine that’ll sit under my TV running SteamOS.

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    If I had my way, I’d just go with only PC, but some stuff is console exclusive so I usually wait until there’s a critical mass of exclusive games I want to play (seems that it’s around 3) before getting a console. Games that make the PS4 worth it – Bloodborne, Nioh, Uncharted, Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn. Only game I want so far from Xbone is Killer Instinct, and I don’t really care that much if I don’t get to play it.

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    For mass consumers consoles will always be superior just for the convenience and the lack of brain power needed to get it going.
    For PC there’s getting the money, researching the parts, rebates, getting the software (Windows), play putting it together, and if you don’t have the accounts setting up a Steam account, an Origin account, and whatever other game store like Minecraft. Then knowing system requirements for each game, tweaking settings. Knowing where to get mods if you want them, set up account for that too (nexus). Then start downloading and playing. Realizing you installed a mod or tweak wrong watching your game performance go to shit or CTD, figure out you installed too may mods etc.
    Been there done that. It’s a lot. Compared to buying an Xbox One, buying something like Fallout digitially or hard copy. Setting up a Bethesda account on your phone sign in on the game, immediately start downloading mods and using them. And then just as easily buying other games and playing them. No using multiple stores or accounts outside of setting up that Bethesda one.

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