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    Users Guide: The Polygon Community.

    Hey there friend, welcome to the Polygon community here on The Verge. Nope, I don't work for Polygon, or The Verge for that matter but I have been here since January waiting for the comments sections to fill up with witty discourse so thanks for coming over and joining us.
    The purpose of this post is to give you a heads up on what exactly to expect here on the forums at Polygon, as well as how to get the best out of Polygon at large. and how you can be a productive member of the Polynauts community. That's what we call ourselves, Polynauts.

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    Also, as many of you have come from places such as Kotaku, Eurogamer, 1UP, Giantbomb etc. it would be great to see if there are some of you using a different username - like I am - here on Polygon / The Verge than you used over on those sites. For example - I was formerly known as shaunomacx back on Kotaku, here I figured it was time to step out of the shadows some kind of super-villain you'll hopefully get to know a bit better as time goes on.

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    Polygon is the newest member of the Vox Media family, joining SB Nation and The Verge as part of a drive to revolutionise how you absorb your gaming news. If you consider Voltron to be the ultimate super-robot, then Polygon is the ultimate super-team in games journalism. Editor-in-Chief Christopher Grant explains that Polygon as

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    Those angles he refers to are the voices which make up the team at Polygon, the highest-profile team assembled thus far in videogame journalism from outlets such as Joystiq, Kotaku, The Escapist, IGN, 1UP, Game Informer, MTV, The Daily, Kotaku AU, and So instead of introducing them one by one, let's watch an introductory video featuring some of the stars of shall we?

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