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    What's your most epic gaming moment?

    Everyone has moments in life when they achieve something so monumental they either punch the air in excitement, or they hit up a social network to brag about it. Sometimes when playing a game you'll have these moments too, and boy do they give you a rush of adrenaline.

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    My experience? I thought I was the king of the world when at age fifteen I finished the PlayStation edition of Final Doom on 'Ultra Violence'. At that point it was definitely the most hardcore gaming experience I'd had on a console, and whilst there may have been more visceral moments post-1996 it was still the most memorable for me. That might not sound so impressive now but I was using a non-Dual Shock controller folks, which is an achievement in itself for an FPS.

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    Then that portion of my brain that controls threat detection turned back on. I could hear a snork making snorky noises somewhere in the darkness. Lights flickered on and off, accompanied by the soft thundercrack that indicated the presence of several electrical anomalies. I’m fairly certain there was at least one gas anomaly, as well as a few fire and gravitational anomalies as well. Thank goodness I had my semi-automatic shotgun ready, because there wasn’t just one snork, but half a dozen. I must have killed one or two before panicking, switching to my pistol and anomaly detector, and bolting. I might have screamed as I ran; I’m not really sure. I was in panic mode, either preferring the certain death offered by the blowout to death-by-snork or forgetting it entirely, but just before I finally found my way out of the labyrinthine caves, I got a message that the blowout was over.

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    When all was said and done, I believe I had killed eight snorks outside the cave, in addition to whatever I’d managed to kill inside. I dropped several kilos of supplies and bolted home, where I sold my wares and swore to myself never to overburden myself again. After that, I learned to create an effective, light loadout that would help me survive any mission I undertook. I might have put a hundred hours into STALKER and a further hundred into Clear Sky, but it was Call of Pripyat that taught me what it meant to be a true STALKER. I’ll never forget it.

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    STALKER is one of the best video games out there, man, and one of the reasons I love PC gaming and advocate immersion so much. It is a game that is about being in a video game world—being the guy. It really benefits from using headphones and a large monitor, and…

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    I looked up STALKER in bootcamp a while back after I first got my MacBook Pro… I’ve heard nothing but negative feedback considering people’s efforts which is a shame (I played it on a considerably less powerful machine a few years back which had a lot less trouble running it), so Shaun should brace himself for disappointment… but who knows, maybe there is a success story out there somewhere that’s evaded my gaze!

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