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    What's Going on in Vancouver?

    Part of the reason I found this website was because of one of the writers. I forget his name, but all I know is that he used to work at TechTV. I read his awesome blog and two-week notice, and found out he would be here. He a great writer. I usually check Kotaku on a regular basis, but never speak up. I think I might start doing that here from now on.

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    The difference between here and other outlets, I found anyway, was the delay in posting news here meant that it was properly sourced instead of posted then updated/retracted later. Welcome aboard btw!

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    Hmm…dunno. Maybe being able to blitz Mega Man 2 in any order. That was kinda cool, but not really an air punching moment. I remember some pretty epic battles on Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, they were fairly awesome to finish off.
    Something that isn’t so much of a celebratory moment…
    Dynasty Warriors 2.
    I love the Warriors games; Dynasty, Samurai and Gundam. The Dynasty Tactics game is really great too (you should try it, yes, you the viewer). But anyway…
    I remember picking up DW2 on the PS2, not knowing much about it just that my brother remembered reading about it in a magazine. I had played the original one (the one on one fighter) but couldn’t remember it, and didn’t remember it for sometime after playing a few others of the series.

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    When I looked on the mini map, there was a small patch of red inside the main base which represented the enemy, and the rest was swarmed with blue; the colour of the allies. Amongst all of the blue, away from the main base there was a obscured dot, that changed the rest of the dots around it to a flashing orangy-yellow, which symbolized battle. I made my way over there and Lu Bu was on his own, fighting hundreds of men, it was so, so cool. Something I had never seen before. There was so much character and life in this moment in the game.

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    The first one that leaps to mind is coming back from my Sunday morning paper round as a kid and finishing The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad on Commodore 64. The first game I ever finished. I felt 20 miles high after doing so, bouncing about the house, undoubtedly much to my folks ignorance and annoyance.

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    A little bit onwards, finishing the next to last level on Halo, seeing the final run in the Warthog towards the end of the game – and applauding. As if it was a huge "Well done, you did that massive challenge – here’s a whole level of explosions for you to smile your way through.

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