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    That’s probably me you’re referring to there.
    I"m Russ Pitts, Features Editor and Executive Video Producer for Polygon. Formerly Editor-in-Chief at The Escapist. Before that, Producer on The Screen Savers at TechTV.
    Let me be among the first to welcome you to my new home. I hope you find it as uplifting a place to be as I have.

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    Potential Plagiarism of Ocarina of Time?

    AHH YEAH IT IS YOU! I loved your blog, esp the long letter you left when leaving. It was such a long post that it took me about 2 days to read it at work (I can’t afford being caught sometimes hah). Good luck to you and your new home. I think you have many great ideas and I loved Screen Savers.

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    I joined a few months ago as well. I think it was a few weeks after Atrur left IGN, then Joystiq. I got nothing but mad respect for that man (no it is not a man crush). But the community was not in a place I felt to comfortable with.
    Now that some of the folks have came over I appearance on here might be a little bit more known. I think what has set this site part from others, to me at least, is that these guys are writers. They enjoy writing news and not just reporting it.
    Also I keep my online tags the same. However the picture you see is me. I too would like to be accountable for my post.

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    Good to know! I just arrived here as of yesterday (like someone else said, the Great Kotaku Immigration, lol), and already this place kinda feels like home. I like the idea of being able to comment from my phone, and I really like being able to flag offensive or trollish comments. The only thing I kinda wish we had was the ability to edit a post for a short amount of time , and being able to collapse the comments. But hey, those might come in time. I’m certainly happy to be here, and I’m definitely happy to see a lot of familiar names and avatars

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    We’re, quite literally, still in the early stages of locking down specifics for, so now’s the time to let us know what you want. We’ve been hearing requests for editable comments loud and clear, though it’s a significant technological challenge so no promises.
    The ability to collapse nested comments is interesting though! Can you point out some examples and explain a bit why that’s desirable? Maybe it’s something we can provide an option for.

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