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    LBP Karting Beta. Conveniently? download and installed

    I would like notifications to replies. That is something I wound’t mind having. As I might be gone for some time and could come back to a conversation I had with someone without having to search.
    I think it would be more intone to what Kotaku had. IGN has it in there comment sections. Simply if a person starts a thread any of the replies could be collapsed until you opened it up. It would keep from a comment section from becoming insanely too long. Have you seen the Talk Amongst Yourselves post? That think is insane.
    Also keep the z/r and real time updates.. Those things are amazing.

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    In essence, it’s not disimilar to the notifications you receive when commenting on an article on facebook and allows you to quickly see if a wider discussion has progressed (beyond you receiving a reply).
    If you could implement something like that, along with the collapsable comments, you’ll have an enviably awesome forum on your hands!

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    Geeze where to start?
    1)Beating Link’s Awakening
    2)Crazy headshot with a tomahawk in Black Ops… I know this game is dumb now but it felt like 150 feet and I could only see the top of his forehead behind a box on a rooftop while I was on the ground…
    3)1,000,000 points in a 2 minute play-thru on Grind Session for PS1

    They may soudn dumb to the hardest core gamers but they sure were special to me!

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    Kotaku used to provide us with collapsible comments, which was nice and organized, but they believed the system was not implemented that well. I’m not sure if Polygon should go that route since they have the “z” option to browse through all the comments, which is awesome. I just realized I’m saying what Prince said hah.
    Besides that stuff, I think it would be nice to know who replied to your comments in your blog or account info, maybe provide us with updates to know someone commented on our comment.
    Following people would be nice so we can go straight to their comments because some people have really interesting things to say. That’s all I can think about for now. Overall, you have a good system, but I know you guys will try to outdo it!

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    The ability to collapse nested comments is great because it’s very exhausting on one’s eyes to separate multiple conversations. If you can see, the main points that various people are bringing up, it helps you focus on just that particular individual’s thread. Basically, TEXTWALLLOL not fun.
    My biggest desired feature, and the reason I remained at Kotaku for so long, was that they alerted me to replies to comments that I, specifically, made. This helped foster intelligent conversations because it helped keep people mindful of the fact that others were reading their posts and replying to them. I rarely comment on Rock, Paper, Shotgun because it’s irritating work scrolling back down for a comment I made to see if someone said something.

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    The reason that most of us are coming here NOW is because Kotaku, until Thursday, had the best commenting system on the internet. It wasn’t perfect, but it facilitated conversation by making it engaging (also, the star system was great because it provided a tangible reward for excellent commenting, but it could have been greatly improved; as it stands, I’m not sure HOW recommendations on Polygon work or if they do anything).
    One thing I REALLY like about Polygon is that new threads feel like miniblogs are articles. Would it be possible to, like, view an individual’s threads? It might be fun to use Polygon as a semi-blog, because nobody ever reads my real blog, but I always averaged around sixteen thousand hits a post on my Kotaku Speakups, and some of my threads would get hundreds of replies

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