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    Should i buy Tales of Graces F for PS3?

    I think name changing should be possible every 3 or 4 months.
    I think changing your name and avatar shouldn’t have that much of an effect. Just ban the account itself, that means taking away the ability to change your name/avatar, losing commenting privileges, and putting strikes against the account in question.
    The strikes could go away after a certain amount of time, depending on the severity in question (similar to youtube, but not as serious).

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    I kind of dig that, kind of like bringing Metacritic to Polygon in a way. It is a good idea, but then you might get people who just want troll certain games and then you might get people who get upset and add a ridiculous opinion about it. Cool idea, but it could be really hard. Just depends on how expansive the Polygon website will be and it sounds like it will be massive.

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    Eh, it was never a problem on Kotaku. Jesus Christ wanted to back away from his name, so he changed it to something else for a while. Hovering over their name gave you the profile link, so you always knew who they registered as. I believe some people who do this actually display a history of previous names.
    While I understand and respect the need for accountable commenting, I also value, highly, the freedom and honesty that comes from anonymity. When people feel like “oh, I shouldn’t say that, because my name is X or Y,” they’re inherently limited. There are things I would like to say about Valve that, when I start marketing the indie game I’m working on, I wouldn’t want to say, because it might jeopardize my chance of getting said game on Steam, for instance.

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